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Welcome to The SSP!

Welcome to The SSP!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by The Student Serenity Project. The SSP has adopted the definition of success as:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” – Earl Nightingale

We are attracted to this definition, because it is in direct alignment with the mission of the SSP, “to allow students to feel good.”

You see, if we as parents and teachers are involved in successful thinking, we can allow ourselves to grow by obtaining, understanding and applying the knowledge and experiences we gather along our journey.

The purpose of the SSP is to provide knowledge, strategies and ideas to support teachers, parents and students to allow students to feel good. Our vision is to reach 1 million students with our message.

We believe through strategies, some developed by The Student Serenity Project and some obtained from experts, authors and authorities in the field of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, we can model the behaviours, language, and lifestyle that allows us to live through our highest self.

“it’s all about our students feeling good” – Aaron Pickup

Please join us on this amazing journey. Read, enjoy and share our content and products with those you care about in your life.

Aaron Pickup
The Student Serenity Project