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How Do I Achieve Happiness?

What is the path to happiness?

In this video, I will describe the path to happiness. What is your area of excellence or potential excellence?
Brian Tracy says, “the key to happiness is to dedicate yourself to the development of the natural talents and abilities by doing what you love to do and doing it better and better in the service of a cause greater then yourself. It requires that we define our life on our own terms and then throw your whole heart into living your life to the fullest.”

What a big statement to come up with but this has been the believed path to happiness for hundreds of years. In this video, I will break down the path to happiness so we can start on this path together. Let’s do this.

Earl Nightingale describes having a definite major purpose as “being on the beam.” By having a definite major purpose in life, we don’t drift aimless through life. (I believe one of the major causes of confusion in children is we don’t spend enough time talking about life’s major purpose with our kids).

We teach content each day but that’s why they often feel dissatisfied, because our purpose is much bigger. Sure, this is all a part of the education process, but don’t you feel there should be an overarching reason for learning all we do?

Being “on the beam” is described as a success thought pattern, for us to be successful, happiness must come first. Success is the result of having a definite life’s purpose.

Ask yourself, what would you like to do if you were already financially free and you knew you could not fail at doing it? Chances are this will be your life’s purpose. Also, ask yourself, can you help others by cultivating the current skill set you have? Maybe you need to take some courses, or learn a new skill or two, or maybe you need to put your ideas in to action.

I will walk you through these things:

1. How to get in touch with your higher self so that you can generate unlimited creative ideas that will be in alignment with your definite major purpose.

2. How to create an action plan that will deliver measurable changes in your life.

3. How to create a clear vision and attach emotion to it so that you will be able to attract exactly what you want and need to carry out your life’s purpose.

4. How to talk with your children about this purpose, how to get them excited about serving others, which will bring happiness through the act of helping others.

5. How to remind yourself of your purpose through strategic life giving affirmations.

With peace,

Aaron Pickup
The Student Serenity Project